Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American-Girl-Sized Doll Carrier - You Could Win One

My daughter has one of these doll carriers for her American Girl Doll and we absolutely love it. 
The “Carry-Her” is a fabric backpack-style carrier for 16” to 18” dolls (like the American Girls Doll’s size). It’s great because your child wears it with the doll in it like a backpack so it’s easy to carry, but unlike a regular backpack, it still lets you see the doll (ask any doll lover, this is important). I love how lightweight the carrier is, and it is very well constructed and seems to be very durable. It’s also adjustable.
You can get just the backpack or you can get the Carry-Her Combo, which includes the backpack carrier and a doll-sized backpack that is actually a carry pouch for the carrier.

You can win one at Smart and Trendy Moms.

Where to enter: Smart and Trendy Moms
Ends: 1/31

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  1. I think my daughter would really like one of those for her doll. And you might find this story really amusing...