Sunday, November 15, 2009

Green Mama's Pad - WaterWeek Giveaway

Green Mama's Pad is giving away a Reduce WaterWeek set of reusable water bottles with a fridge tray. Green Mama’s Pad is a great blog that has tips for going green and great green product reviews and giveaways.

I’ve looked at the WaterWeek sets before and have been considering buying a set. The fridge tray looks as if it would fit nicely in the fridge and would be convienent to fill the bottles and have them ready when you need them. I try to reuse the regular plastic water bottles and they don’t hold up. I would love a set of nice looking study reuseable water bottles

Having these water bottles would be a great way to stay healthy by drinking the recommended amount of water each day, while reducing your effect on the environment. And they are just so darn pretty! They have several attractive designs for adults and kids. I love Naturals.

Where to enter: Green Mama’s Pad
Contest Ends: 11/27


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