Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Website for Booklovers –

I came across a great website for book lovers called Shelfari. You can “build” your own virtual bookshelf, on which you can display books you’ve read, books that you want to read, and books that you are currently reading. You can mark your favorites and mark those that you own. It also has a rating and review feature.

There is a great online community where you can add friends, and see what they are reading and what they think of various books and get recommendations. They also have ranking systems to see what books are popular.

I check out a lot of books from the public library and tend to lose track of what I have read. I love being able to have a virtual shelf that will even show the cover art to help track what I have read. It makes it very convenient when I want to remember a title or author.

And they have a widget maker that lets you display your bookshelf on your blog or other site. You even get to pick the type of wood your shelf is made out of. Click here to see my virtual bookshelf widget.

Head to to get a shelf of your own.

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