Sunday, April 18, 2010

C25k - Week 7 - Repeating

Last week was supposed to be week 7.  I got two runs in.  The first one was okay, the second was terrible, and I just scrapped the third all together.  So, it's going to be week seven again.

 I started doing Power 90 with my husband.  I was thinking that since I am in decent running shape now that I wouldn't have a problem with the beginning Power90 workouts so I was thinking I could do those and keep up with my runs as well.  WRONG!

The Power 90 workouts were much more difficult for me than I imagined.  It's been fun doing the workouts with my husband.  My muscles, with the exception of my running muscles, are not in good shape.  I had a hard time with the workouts and by the time i got to my second run for the week, my muscles were about done.

DH got us some protein supplement stuff, and I've been doing some reading about being sure to replenish your carbs and protien within an hour after a run.  So my plan is to back up a week in my C25K workouts-- repeat week seven (maybe week 6???)  and make sure I'm replenishing with a protein suppliment.  I don't care for the smell of the one we have now, the taste isn't bad (a little thick tasting), but something about the smell just is gross to me) so I'm looking into a couple of others - Powerbar Recovery Drink, Gatorade Protein Recovery Shake, and I've heard that Slim-Fast Optima Shake has a carbohydrate-protein ratio that can help with workout recovery.  I'm researching all three of those, until then I'm holding my nose and drinking the stuff we have now.


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