Monday, November 9, 2009

Time To Read - Giveaway

The Post It Place is giving away three Mark-My-Time Reading Timers. Some of my children's friends have these and they look neat.

My kids have a minimum reading time required for school, and the timing bookmarks seem like they would be great for that. I love the idea of the kids being able to time themselves, which I think would keep me from having to answer the constant "Am I done yet?" or "How many minutes have I read?" questions.

And I love the fact that the timer can count down (for my reluctant reader) and can count up (for my reader who loves to read). I am really hoping to win one of these. It would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

Click here to head over to the The Post It Place to enter the giveaway. And don't forget to check out her other great giveaways and recipies (Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball anyone?)

Giveaway ends - Nov 20th


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